You might not expect it, but Tromsø Norway is a food lover's paradise. As an avowed foodie myself, I didn’t have high expectations for the restaurants in Tromsø. But that was a mistake! This surprisingly foodie destination has an abundance of restaurants serving up delicious and diverse dishes. If you're a seafood lover or a vegetarian, a coffee addict or a cocktail enthusiast, I can guarantee you'll find plenty of options to satisfy your cravings in Tromsø. 

I have visited Tromso a couple of times, always trying new restaurants and eateries. During each visit, I am blown away by the quality of food here.

Whether you're looking for a sweet breakfast, a quick lunch, or a fancy dinner, Tromsø has something to offer every palate. From traditional Norwegian cuisine to international flavors, you'll find it all in this charming Arctic city. You can expect to pay a pretty penny for most meals in Tromsø – this is not a cheap destination for foodies. In exchange however, you’ll be rewarded with some of the best cuisine in all of Norway. 

If you're a foodie planning a trip to Tromsø, and wondering where to find the best restaurants, this is the right blog post for you. Get ready to indulge in some of the best culinary experiences that Tromsø has to offer and plan your visit to this beautiful Arctic city.

The Best Restaurants for Foodies in Tromsø



There is almost always a buzzy crowd at Kaffebønna. It feels like a beloved local favorite. With two locations in the city, both cafes are chic with all the trimmings of a stylish third-wave coffee shop. Expect to see industrial lighting, beautifully displayed bread loaves and a pegboard letter sign with clever, inspirational or pun-filled sayings. The espresso was great, and you can get drinks to go if you're in a hurry. I would recommend lingering a bit through, because the lively atmosphere offers great ambiance and people watching. Plus their cinnamon buns are delicious.

  • Address: Strandtorget 1, 9008 Tromsø, Norway
  • Website: None

Pust Cafe

Pust Cafe is a trendy and popular café located in the heart of Tromsø. The mixed use space offers live music, pop-up events and a café all in one. I especially appreciated the branding – it is sleek and eye-catching without being pretentious. The vibe is relaxed and welcoming with plenty of cozy seating. Known for their delicious coffee, you can also get a nice selection of fresh and healthy food options, including sandwiches, salads, and smoothie bowls. I noticed a number of people gathering in groups and working from their laptops, so this strikes me as one of those places where you could linger all day.

Risø Kaffebar

The best coffee I had in Tromsø was at Risø. Their specialty is pour-over coffee and hand-brewed varieties. You'll probably have to wait a few minutes for your coffee, but trust me -- it will be worth it! The beans are super high quality and the brewing is done with precision so it always tastes perfect. Plus, Risø has the BEST cinnamon buns in Tromsø. Fresh baked each day!

Svermeri Kafé 

Billing itself as the coziest coffee shop in Tromsø, Svermeri Kafe is a charming little cafe tucked into a basement location off the main tourist circuit. Damask patterned furniture and mismatched vintage china give the whole place this curated granny-chic vibe. It really is adorable – I felt right at home! The dark roast coffee is perfectly adequate, but the real star of the show here are the baked goods. A glass case at the counter will entice you with sweet treats from the moment you arrive, such as a snickers cheesecake, cloudberry meringue pie and a creamy carrot cake.

  • Address: Skippergata 2, 9008 Tromsø, Norway
  • Website: None


Raketten Bar & Pølse

Advertised as the smallest bar in town, Raketten Bar & Pølse stands smack dab in the middle of Tromsø’s main square. With a charming yellow building and a fire pit, there is always a line here. Offering a variety of hot and cold drinks plus hot dogs, this is a great place to pop by for a midday pick-me-up. There are several different hot dogs, including reindeer, beef, pork and vegan. They come topped with interesting and delicious toppings, like pickled beets, remoulade and crispy onions.

Art Cafe & Bistro

Tucked in a basement under the Quality Hotel Saga, Art Bistro Cafe is a surprisingly nice place for a weekend lunch. As the name implies, the walls are full of locally curated art and photography, all available for purchase. The staff was quite friendly and talkative, adding to the warm atmosphere. The menu is small, but full of tasty options you'll want to order. My simple tomato soup with gorgonzola and sage was simple but absolutely divine. The soup was so creamy and rich with flavor, perfect for a cold winter day.


For the best shellfish selection in Tromsø, Fiskekompaniet along the harbor is hard to beat. And their booked up schedule reflects that! You'll want to make a reservation a few days (or weeks!) ahead of time, even for lunch, because this spot is popular. The menu changes all the time based on what fish or shellfish are available, but there is almost always a fish soup. And you should order it. SO incredibly delicious. Other highlights are oysters, king crab and catch of the day. The food is prepared with a delicate precision that shows the kitchen's reference for freshness and high-quality ingredients.


Full Steam

If you're looking for fresh seafood prepared in a traditional Norwegian fashion, Full Steam is a good option. You can find it directly on Tromsø's main harbor. The restaurant is housed inside a fishing museum, so it's a quirky experience. Picture buoys on the wall, an old boat hanging from the ceiling, and vintage fisherman portraits throughout the restaurant. I found the service to be pretty bad, but the food was pretty good. The menu features a few whale dishes, if you are interested in trying a less common seafood. 

Emmas Drommekjokken

Located directly across from Tromsø Cathedral, Emma’s is a chic and approachable fine dining option that is worth the splurge. It only offers tasting menus of varying sizes (5, 8 or 10 dishes). The menu changes regularly and it isn't even published on the website. You'll be fully surprised! Focused on seasonal, regional food, you can expect modern takes on classic Norwegian food prepared with delicacy and refinement. I found the plating especially nice here! A few of the highlights from my menu were a three cheese gnocchi with local cheeses, moose steak with beetroots and a creamy potato puree, and a leek and parsnip soup with candied reindeer slices.


If you need a break from Norwegian and Scandinavian cuisine (or you are desperate for some spicy food), Indie is a surprisingly good Indian restaurant in the heart of Tromsø. The interior design here transports you to a different place with cozy seating, beautiful greenery, and decorative furniture. Classic Indian favorites adorn the menu, but you'll also see some interesting local fusion such as a salmon tandoori or cod fish curry. Order a cocktail too! The service isn't always fast here, but I think the food is pretty nice and good value for money.


This stunning industrial style restaurant is sophisticated, modern and absolutely delicious. Picture floor-to-ceiling glass wine storage, minimalist furniture, and domed light fixtures. I especially loved the garage door inside the restaurant that could be pulled up to reveal an open-concept kitchen. The small menu changes for lunch and dinner, but each dish is prepared with a delicate touch. Their creamy fish stew was the best I had in all of Lapland! Fresh pieces of cod swim in a light yet flavorful cream sauce with droplets of dill oil and a fresh salad of shaved fennel.

Bardus Bistro

I am obsessed with this little gem of a restaurant. It is so charming and homey! Ask to sit upstairs if you can, and you'll see exactly why – the A-frame structure of the building is accentuated with floor to ceiling bookshelves on either end of the dining room. It pulled inspiration from the famed Tromsø library across the street. The traditional Norwegian menu is tiny with only about 10 dishes to choose from. But every single one of the dishes is a knockout. From creamy steamed mussels to butter-poached cod, the flavors are rich, heart-warming and nostalgic.



Calling all beer-lovers to the northernmost brewery in the world. Located in the heart of the city, Olhallen is a must-visit brewery in Tromsø. This historic building has been serving beer since 1928, and now offers over 70 different types of beer on tap. You can try a variety of flavors, including unusual styles like sour ales and nitro stouts, while enjoying the cozy atmosphere. An iconic stuffed polar bear stands just near the entrance just waiting for you to take a picture with it. The walls are adorned with old beer and Nordic fishing memorabilia, adding to the charm of the place. 


Champagne with a view! The Fjellheisen cable car is not only a popular tourist attraction, but also a great spot to enjoy a drink or happy hour. Taking you up to the top of Mount Storsteinen, the cable car offers breathtaking panoramic views of Tromsø and the surrounding islands. Once you reach the top, you can head to the Fjellstua restaurant and bar to enjoy a drink while taking in the stunning scenery. Try to time your visit with sunset for spectacular photo opportunities. The bar serves a variety of beers, wines, and cocktails, making it the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring.

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