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The core of any of my trips is the itinerary -- it is the primary plan for my travels! Itineraries can be bare bones, simply with a few ideas that you’ll develop spontaneously while on the road; or itineraries can be fully formed with restaurant reservations and museum visits already prepared.

What I have learned about myself over this last decade of traveling is that I gravitate towards a highly planned travel experience. After planning many, many itineraries for my own travels and the travels of family + friends, I understand that creating an itinerary can be a lot of work.

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San Diego, California

San Diego is a big city that has a small town feel with perfect year round weather, making it easy to understand how this gorgeous SoCal city became the 7th largest in the United States.

Best Neighborhood in Town:

North Park

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Mexico City, Mexico

The bustling, artistic, culinary-focused beating heart of Mexico continues to be one of my favorite long-weekend destinations, thanks to a never-ending list of cool things to do & see.

Best Spot in Town


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JUNE 27, 2023

Explore the highlights of Basque Country and Catalonia, including culinary gems and beautiful scenery.

FEBRUARY 16, 2023

Belgium is so under-rated with incredible food & beer. It can be easily visited on a laid-back 1 week holiday.

FEBRUARY 11, 2022

I have yet to visit a country more jaw-droppingly beautiful than Switzerland, and you can see the best of it in 1 week.

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Wadi Rum Desert Scenery at Sunset Jordan

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