Instagrammable Street Art Guide for Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is a city that buzzes with creativity. From statues to street art murals, Austin embraces a culture of creative expression that makes this a perfect destination for exploring street art. A self-guided street art tour is the perfect free thing to do in Austin during your visit! Pump up your Instagram feed with this detailed, grammable street art guide featuring some of the most famous murals in Austin. 

Cloud Mural Wicker Park Chicago

12 Street Art Murals to See in Chicago’s Wicker Park Neighborhood

Chicago is increasingly well known for its street art murals and the Wicker Park neighborhood is one of the best areas in Chicago for finding cool street art murals. You could easily see all 12 of the most famous street art murals in an afternoon by simply walking around the neighborhood. Here is my guide to Chicago’s best street art murals in the Wicker Park neighborhood!

Street Art Guide for Chicago’s Logan Square Neighborhood

Want to see some of Chicago’s most iconic street art murals? Head to the Logan Square neighborhood, which I am lucky enough to call my home! Logan Square is where you will find the 13 of the best street art murals in Chicago. From the “Greetings from Chicago” mural to the new Robin Williams memorial mural, Chicago has some incredible street art to explore. Find the best walls in the city with this street art guide!

Cairo Egypt Political Street Art

A Collection of Political Street Art at Tahrir Square

Famous for the Arab Spring protests in 2011, Tahrir Square is a central meeting place for young people in Cairo and was designed by a French city planner back in the 19 century. The remnants of the protests are largely gone, except for the burned out shell of the Mubarak regime building at the north end of the square and…

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