Antarctica with Mountain Background

Why I Am Carbon Offsetting My Travel from 2019 – and Making Better Travel Choices in 2020

Do you have any 2020 environmental goals? 2019 was a year defined by travel for me. Through my job and for fun, I traveled 23,000 miles by aircraft and 25,000 miles by cruise ship, which means I single handedly melted 3,326 square feet of ice in 2019. I am not ok with that, which is why I decided to carbon offset my travels and make more sustainable travel choices in 2020.

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Vintage Clothing Shop Pilsen Neighborhood Chicago Illinois

Where to Find the Best Vintage + Thrift Clothing Shops in Chicago

I am an avid thrift and vintage clothing shopper, because everything that I wear is secondhand. Thankfully, Chicago has an abundant source of secondhand clothing. Chicago’s vintage clothing scene is competitive, but the city’s selection is impeccable. This is a guide to the best vintage clothing stores and thrift clothing stores in Chicago, Illinois from local sustainable fashion blogger.

Church Near Chapultepec Park Mexico City CDMX

First Timer’s Itinerary for 4 Days in Mexico City

The bustling, artistic, culinary-focused beating heart of Mexico continues to be one of my favorite long-weekend destinations from Chicago, thanks to a convenient four hour direct flight on several different airlines. Explore the incredible food, history and culture of this vibrant and lively city with my detailed and helpful itinerary for 4 days in Mexico City as a first-time visitor!

Semester at Sea Spring 2019 Voyage

40 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Semester at Sea

Prior to starting my Semester at Sea voyage, I was searching all over the Internet for any and every piece of information I could find about how to prepare for the voyage. Most of YouTube videos or blog posts that I found didn’t have super useful tips about how to really prepare for the experience which inspired me to write this blog post! I completed my first Semester at Sea voyage as a student in Fall 2010 and recently sailed again as a staff member on the Spring 2019 voyage. I want to share what I’ve learned about Semester at Sea to empower future voyagers to come onto the ship as prepared as possible!

Kobe Beef Restaurant Japan

10 Japanese Foods to Eat While Traveling in Japan

Japan is one of the best destinations in the world for foodies, but for many people, their understanding of Japanese cuisine is limited to two dishes – ramen and sushi. However Japanese cuisine is diverse and regional with a lot more diverse dishes to choose from around Japan. I was surprised to learn about countless Japanese dishes that are not widely available in the US. There were a lot of things I had never tasted before! Here are my 10 favorite foods I ate while traveling in Japan – and why you should try them too!

Mirogoj Cemetary Zagreb Croatia

Comprehensive Guide to Exploring Zagreb, Croatia in 24 Hours

Zagreb feels like a quintessential central European city that mixes the interesting Austro-Hungarian and Socialist histories of Croatia in a modern and beautiful city with plenty to explore in 24 hours. Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb is an off-the-beaten path destination that is often missed by tourists flocking to the coastal regions of Croatia like Split and Dubrovnik. In this comprehensive travel guide to Zagreb, I will convince you to visit this under-the-radar destination in Croatia!

Cloud Mural Wicker Park Chicago

12 Street Art Murals to See in Chicago’s Wicker Park Neighborhood

Chicago is increasingly well known for its street art murals and the Wicker Park neighborhood is one of the best areas in Chicago for finding cool street art murals. You could easily see all 12 of the most famous street art murals in an afternoon by simply walking around the neighborhood. Here is my guide to Chicago’s best street art murals in the Wicker Park neighborhood!

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