Mirogoj Cemetary Zagreb Croatia

Comprehensive Guide to Exploring Zagreb, Croatia in 24 Hours

Zagreb feels like a quintessential central European city that mixes the interesting Austro-Hungarian and Socialist histories of Croatia in a modern and beautiful city with plenty to explore in 24 hours. Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb is an off-the-beaten path destination that is often missed by tourists flocking to the coastal regions of Croatia like Split and Dubrovnik. In this comprehensive travel guide to Zagreb, I will convince you to visit this under-the-radar destination in Croatia!

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Grinter Place Kansas City

24 Hour History Tour of Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas is a state whose history I often overlooked, assuming the local history mirrored that of the other Midwestern states—dominant influence of farming, white culture and small town life. I couldn’t have been more wrong. From Lewis and Clark’s expedition to Native American disenfranchisement to the underground railroad, Kansas City Kansas has a far more complete complex history than I imagined prior to my visit. Keep reading to see the seven historic stops I recommend visiting during your next trip in Kansas City Kansas!

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