City Getaway

When planning for my next trip, cities are consistently at the top of my list. They are buzzing with life and are home to endless food, shopping, and art + architecture entertainment options. I’m partial to traveling to cities because even with a short window of time, you can really immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of your destination. PlusAnd with ongoing urban revitalization, cities are always changing. Even in cities I’ve visited several times, I love walking down the street and discovering something new. 

Figuring out how to get around in a new place can be a big hurdle, but cities allow for peace of mind with lots of public transportation. Trains, busses, and other public transport options not only provide easy access around cities, but help you to travel more sustainably. I am also a big advocate for active transportation, so you will find that many of my city break itineraries include a quick spin around on a bicycle.

A Love for Street Art

Street art is something I’m always on the lookout for, and it is SO much more than just a pretty photo backdrop (though it can certainly be that too). My love of public murals really grew while living in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, which has quite the selection of beautiful street art to explore. 

These vibrant additions to cities highlight culture, showcase the talent of local artists, and, most simply, make everything more fun. In addition to brightening up buildings, I like street art because of its power to reflect and affect the community around it. 

Many murals, like Teta & Salta in Buenos Aires, carry a deeper meaning, serving as a lasting memory to a historical figure or event. Through creative expression and symbolism, street art’s impact goes way beyond the walls it is painted on.

A Love for Boutique Shopping

I have a passion for style + fashion and I love to go shopping. Turning over my wardrobe frequently with fun new pieces has always been a habit of mine, but big-box retail and fast-fashion are detrimental to local environments and communities, something that I witnessed first hand after working for a high-end fashion retailer for one year.

I was incredibly turned off by the wasteful and greedy tendencies of the fashion industry, so since 2017 I wear only vintage and second-hand clothing. I do my best to keep my style fresh and on-trend while also being sustainable.

If something needs to be new, I turn to boutique and independent shops during my city break getaways. At first I thought that buying only small-scale would be difficult, but after discovering the vibrant vintage and thrift clothing scene in Chicago, I realized it was attainable. There are thriving independent and boutique shopping communities all over if you take the time to look for them!

From the beautifully designed boutiques in Kansas City to under-the-radar local stores in Budapest, I love discovering new places to shop. The plethora of small businesses in Cologne, Germany is one of my favorite parts of living here and I’m always looking for new stores to explore.

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