It had been over a year since I last saw my best friend, and to say I missed her is an understatement. 2017 and all the emotions that come with living in this political moment got in the way of our friendship, taking a toll on each of us. We needed a chance to reconnect in person—not over text or social media—but old fashioned, quality, in-person together time. And what better way to do that than a girls getaway.

Once we settled on a time for our weekend getaway, we started to brainstorm destinations. My friend lives in New York and I live in Chicago, so we wanted to find a destination that would be convenient for both of us. We bounced around LOTS of ideas—Bermuda, New Orleans, Bahamas, Austin— but we ultimately settled on Savannah, Georgia.

Why did we pick Savannah you might ask? Well, because it is a great girls’ weekend trip!

Savannah has a lot to offer any visitor, but with the perfect blend of affordability, access, picturesque yet diverse activities, I believe that Savannah is the perfect place for a laid-back girls’ weekend destination. I share my tips for planning a long weekend in Savannah in this suggested itinerary, but regardless of what you decide to do on your visit, you are bound to fall in love with this charming destination!

5 reasons why Savannah, Georgia is the perfect destination for a laid-back girls’ weekend


Although Savannah is well-known on the travel circuit, it remains surprisingly affordable.  In part, we chose Savannah because both of our flights were less than $300 round trip from New York and Chicago. Peak times of the year can make accommodation or reservations for large parties difficult, but an off-season trip can still fit within a variety of budgets. My friend and I had very different budgets for our long weekend, but we were easily able to find mid-range restaurants and accommodations that worked for both of us without skimping on quality.

Easy Access

The Savannah/Hilton Head airport recently expanded its daily direct flight options to include options from New York, Chicago and Houston, making it easier than ever to travel to this historic Georgia city. The airport is about 30 minutes from the city center via car, but once in the city, it is quite easy to walk around or rent bicycles for more accessibility and flexibility. There is hardly any need for a rental car because the city center is compact!

Options for Different Interests

Savannah has a variety of activities available to visitors which can fit a girls group who might have different interests. Got a friend that loves food restaurants? Savannah has an amazing restaurant scene to enjoy! Have a girlfriend who is super into art and gallery hopping? Savannah is home the SCAD, a local art and design university, making it a hub for creativity and artistic talents. There is a little something for everyone in Savannah, making creating an itinerary that suits your whole group possible.

Picturesque & Charming

Around nearly every corner in Savannah, I kept saying “Omg this is so cute!”. Savannah is charming. There is no way around it. With the creeping yet beautiful Spanish moss, well-preserved historic homes, and countless town squares and parks, it is very picturesque city to explore. In the age of social media, there are more than enough places for beautiful photos and cute experiences.

Lots of Fun

This might surprise some readers but Savannah has open container laws—in fact, it is the only other city in the US besides New Orleans to allow the open carry of alcohol on the streets year round. Savannah allows you to bring alcoholic drinks throughout the city and many bars offer to-go cups that you can drink on the street. Savannah was also a major hub for alcohol trade during Prohibition, making liquor a large part of its modern history. The city embraces its boozy past and present with copious bar, speakeasy and cocktail lounge options to try which only fuels the fun of your girls weekend!

What is your favorite weekend getaway destination? Comment below! 

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