This post was originally published in January 2017 and updated in 2020 and 2021 after return visits to Breckenridge.

I've been traveling to Breckenridge, Colorado annually for about 10 years now, which has made me well acquainted with the local food scene in this charming mountain town. Although Breckenridge caters largely to seasonal tourists, it is unique because the town is autonomous from the resort. This means a lot of the restaurants and bars have no affiliation with Vail Resorts, and can have the creativity and local flair that makes Colorado special!

I have eaten at a majority of the restaurants in Breckenridge, which are largely clustered along Main Street, peppering a 2 mile stretch through the "downtown" area. The quality of restaurant is quite varied -- some upscale, some towney, some cozy, some very Colorado. Parking isn't necessarily abundant in Breckenridge, so carpooling is usually a good rule of thumb. It is easy to walk along Main Street and hit a few spots in one trip, so don't limit yourself!

A few things to note before starting your culinary adventures in Breckenridge:

  1. Breckenridge is still a resort town so expect high prices. 
  2. Because it is nearly all locals and skiers going to the restaurants, don't expect fancy dress codes. Wearing a nicer shirt and pants is more than enough!
  3. Weekends are popular and places get crowded. If you don't want to wait, make sure to book ahead or reserve your spot online.
  4. Most of the restaurants in Breckenridge are small, so it can be hard to accommodate big groups. If you want a big meal for over 10 people, I might recommend cooking at home or splitting up into smaller groups.

Best Foodie Restaurants in Breckenridge, Colorado

Brunch & Breakfast

Semplice Cafe

The charming walk up window at Semplice Cafe is only the beginning of your delicious brunch and coffee. I love this little spot. It’s a hidden gem! The menu focuses on a variety of breakfast favorites, like burritos, toasts and smoothies. The real specialty here is their dedication to vegan and vegetarian options prepared in a tasty and satisfying way. I would say this is a must-visit spot for breakfast in Breckenridge. This is largely a take-out only place (at least when I was there in spring 2020 for Covid) but there are outdoor patio tables along the side.

Clint’s Bakery

Clint’s is a Main Street institution and it is incredibly lovable — absolutely worth a stop! The baked goods at Clint’s are so delicious and the vibe is totally charming with the friendly staff and quirky local art. The restaurant has an upper and lower floor. The upper floor is largely for coffee and baked goods, typically with a line for take out. The lower floor has more of the savory options like bagels and quiches as well as some tables for dining inside. This is a great place to stop for quick snack while walking on Main Street. Their vegan carrot cake muffin is LEGIT. 


The cute name for this restaurant stands for Breakfast (B), Lunch (L) and Dinner (D), and the menu specializes in Mediterranean and Colorado fusion food. This is one of the most popular places for breakfast and brunch in Breckenridge, thanks to the number of accolades and awards it has received. A reservation is usually recommended but they do take plenty of daily walk-ins — you’ll just need to wait. The menu is pretty large but a few of my favorites are the huevos rancheros, egg muffin sandwich and breakfast pot pie. 

Blue River Bistro

Offering an eclectic new American menu, Blue River Bistro has tasty menus throughout the day, but my favorite meal they offer is brunch. Their classy dining room feels upscale with modern chandeliers and sleek table settings, but the food is approachable. They have a few different types of eggs Benedict, which is my go-to brunch dish. I can honestly say that's the only thing I've ever gotten here, but they've always been delicious. Below is a snap of the Southwest Benedict special they served on my last trip! They also a lot of great hand-crafted cocktails and artisanal wines if you go later in the day.

Takeout Food in Breck

Crepes ala Carte

Right on Main Street, this is exactly what it sounds like—a cart that sells crepes. They have savory and sweet crepes that are totally decadent and delicious. Be prepared for at least a 30 minute wait because this place is always popping. But the wait goes faster because you get to watch them roll out the crepe and throw on all your toppings through the big windows. The also recently opened a brick-and-mortar location about 2 block away which rarely has a line.

The savory crepes are a perfect snack after skiing and are packed with flavor. Some of my favorites are the Pesto Turkey Crepe, the Country Special & the Philly Cheese. The sweet crepes are what I crave though! I’ve had just about all of them. Any of the fruit & chocolate ones are to die for! A word of warning -- the ice cream ones get pretty messy -- but no matter which crepe you choose, you will walk away from this place with a smile!

Fatty’s Pizzeria

Fattys Pizzeria is nothing fancy, but the portion sizes in this family style Italian eatery are huge. It serves Italian classics  straight up, no frills. Always start with the garlic bread with its big ripped chunks of bread topped with garlic and cheese. Their pizzas are a personal favorite. I love the thinly rolled crust and their specialty pizzas have funky but wholesome ingredient combinations. My favorite is either the Italian or the White Chicken. If you’re not feeling pizza, the pastas are a huge hit and will leave leftovers for the next day. Super rich, but so comforting. Try their Carbonara or Eggplant Parmesan.


For a slightly fancier pizza vibe, Northside is the move. Their signature pizzas have a creative assortment of toppings, and I love the variety of different sauces they offer. The creamy garlic base is a personal favorite. They do offer delivery service in Breckenridge as well! We get Northside almost every time we're in Breck, and a few of my favorite pies are sizzler, white crown, and sundown. If none of those are appealing, you can also create your own combination! 

Drinks + Cocktails in Breck

Apres Libations

This is BY FAR my favorite bar in Breckenridge. It is just my style—cozy, small with high quality cocktails and great beer. The night life in Breckenridge isn't exactly pumping, so this is a great place to just come and hang out for a while. It's open until midnight on weekdays and 2am on weekends. There isn't food, but it is BYO so you can order in or bring something along! For cocktails, I would recommend trying the Bee Knees, Old Fashioned, or Death of a Gentlemen. Their beer list always changes, but there are tons of local and regional brews to check out. The bartenders are knowledgeable and friendly, so feel free to ask for recommendations.

Dinner Restaurants in Breck

Kenosha Grill

My favorite time of day to come here is happy hour because the Kenosha Grill has a massive (and gorgeous) patio out back with a stunning view of the Breckenridge slopes. Their massive cocktail and beer menu doesn't hurt either! The Colorado-style cuisine on the menu is pretty standard, but tasty. I am a big fan of the green chile mac-and-cheese starter as well as some of their hearty salads. The build your own burger options are another great choice!  


If I had to choose only one restaurant on this list for dinner, it would be Rootstalk. I love this place so much that I went three times in one week just so I could try everything on the menu. It is one of the newest restaurants to open in Breckenridge, and it has received great fanfare from locals and tourists alike. The small plate seasonal menu is creative, unique and incredibly delicious.

The knowledgeable staff will be happy to make food and drink recommendations for you, but I don't think I've had a single dish that I didn't love here. Head Chef Matt Vawter returned to Summit County after getting his culinary chops in larger cities, which helps to explain the elevated everyday dining that makes Rootstalk so special. Reservations required, especially during ski season. 

South Ridge Seafood

Admittedly, I think it's a little weird that there is a seafood restaurant in the middle of the North American continent, where there is no sea in sight. But, South Ridge is pretty legit. A small plate style menu, they (obviously) almost exclusively serve seafood, so be cognizant of who you bring there. I've had really great service the few times I've been here, and found it to be an inviting atmosphere. The menu does change frequently, but I think all the small plates I've had have been great. I'm a big fan of the scallops and salmon as well!

South Ridge Seafood Grill Breckenridge Colorado

Salt Creek Steakhouse

Salt Creek feels quintessentially Colorado—big wood beams, family style tables, mountain decor—and the food matches that vibe! It is usually pretty rowdy and a good spot for larger group dinners. The food isn't anything particularly creative or special, but the steaks are done right and the menu is approachable for groups with people of all different tastes and preferences.


Located just off Main Street, this is one of my parents' favorite spots. It's located in an old Victorian house with a beautiful view (on a clear day) of Breckenridge ski resort and 10 mile mountain range. It has a cute yet romantic vibe and is a great spot for a more quiet or intimate dinner. Definitely a date place! The menu is small, but incredibly delicious. The chef uses primarily sustainable or organic fresh produce and meat prepared in a respectful and unpretentious style. I never get sick of the Pork Osso Bucco or the blackberry Elk.

Hearthstone Restaurant Breckenridge Colorado

Photo by: Hearthstone Restaurant

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  1. Wonderful blog reading. Your really are talented at this stuff!!

    Ok, maybe I’m a little biased.

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  2. If you had a choice between Relish and Hearthstone for Valentine’s day dinner (group of 6), which would you choose?

    1. Ooo, that’s a tough one. I would probably say Hearthstone because it’s more of a “Breckenridge experience” but the food at Relish is a little more upscale and modern. I don’t think you could go wrong with either choice though. Sounds like a fun Valentine’s Day date night!

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