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Stolzenfels Castle Koblenz Germany

When I moved to Germany in August 2019 to pursue a masters degree in sustainable tourism management, I had no idea what the next few years would hold in store for me. I moved to Germany with my husband, cats and not much else besides our suitcases. We didn’t know the language, we didn’t know any people here, and we were ready for the adventure ahead.

Little did we know how much we would fall in love with Germany.

One thing that I keep saying when people ask me about life in German is that it feels strangely familiar to my life growing up. I never attributed the significant German influence in Wisconsin as part of my US cultural background, but now that I am in Germany, I can feel it. Obviously I didn’t learn German growing up and most of the people who live in Wisconsin are multi-generational American in their heritage. But the German influence remains and things like the food, the complaining about the weather, the quiet humility and the reverence of beer all feel homey to me. 

I have discovered so many things while traveling here, so I decided to start a separate Germany travel blog with all my suggestions. I named it Ausländer, which is the word for foreigner in German. This word can be used in a negative way, but I choose to see it differently — a badge of honor, a word reclaimed by those who live it. It isn’t always easy to live in Germany (in fact most of the time it isn’t) but I have found so much to love about this country. Especially the travel opportunities, and I am sharing them with you!  

Here is a preview of the posts you can find on Ausländer

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