Sacred Valley Cuzco Peru

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When planning for my next trip, cities are consistently at the top of my list. They are buzzing with life and are home to endless food, shopping, and art + architecture options. I’m partial to traveling to cities because even with a short window of time, you can really immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of your destination. Plus with ongoing urban revitalization, cities are always changing. Even in cities I’ve visited several times, I love walking down the street and discovering something new.

Temple of Heaven Beijing China
Guilin Twin Pagodas China


Mysterious, incredible and delicious

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Yasaka-jinja Shrine Kyoto Japan


Explore onsens, cities and temples

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Sigiriya Fortress Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

A gorgeous island with a fascinating history

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European Destinations


Fascinating scenery, complete with waterfalls, volcanoes, and vistas.
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Sweeping vistas, delicious whisky and dynamic cities await you in Scotland
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SO many countries, so little time

Central & South America

Woman Overlooking Siwa Oasis Western Egypt


One of those incredible bucket list places that you simply have to see

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Stunning scenery, world wonders, & the Dead Sea

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United Arab Emirates

Futuristic cities are just the tip of the iceberg, or should I say, sand dune?

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US Destinations

Cities, states, and national parks

There are so many corners of the US to discover. I have visited a number of different cities and states around the country. From North to South, these are a few of my favorite US destinations.

Megan Drinking Coffee State Street Madison Wisconsin