While San Diego is well known for its craft beer scene or as a culinary destination in SoCal, its lesser known coffee scene is mistakenly overlooked by travelers. San Diego has several artisanal coffee shops with stunning interiors that would make any coffee or design lover happy. I spent nearly one week traveling in San Diego while visiting a friend, which gave me plenty of time to dive into the local coffee scene.

From modern hipster cafes to quirky neighborhood joints, San Diego has something to offer any coffee lover. These boutique coffee shops are well-worth visiting while traveling in for a few days in San Diego! After seeing so many beautiful spots, I decided to create this Instagram Guide for the 6 cutest coffee shops in San Diego.

Whether you’re there for the coffee or ‘gram, you will not be disappointed by these 7 Instagrammable coffee shops in San Diego.

Holy Matcha Coffee Shop San Diego California

Communal Coffee

This was my favorite of the coffee shops that I visited during my time in San Diego because it is part coffee bar, part flower shop! Their friendly staff encourages craft, curiosity and inclusion which makes the vibes in this spot super positive. They offer a variety of brew methods, and if you aren't familiar with them, the staff will happily assist you in deciding what kind of coffee you want. The well-designed interior is modern and cozy, making it easy to spend an afternoon sipping and watching.

Biga Coffee & Cafe

The cavernous cafe and restaurant space of Biga in the Gaslamp District is beautiful. I fell in love with all the brass accents, full wall poems and the cute accents like a mint green cart at the entrance. This space transitions throughout the day, starting as a bakery and coffee shop in the morning, turning into a restaurant and pizzeria as the day goes on. Their Italian style espresso will hit you hard but perfectly captures the spirit of Italian coffee!

Biga Coffee Shop San Diego California

Young Hickory

Recommended to me by a local as their favorite coffee shop to work from, Young Hickory is a spacious garage-style coffee shop with a pretty mural painted on the outside. There are a few locations around San Diego, but all of them offer the lethal pair of drinks -coffee AND beer. Depending on how long you plan to stay, you can transition from work mode to party mode in one single shop. 

Young Hickory Coffee Shop San Diego California

Coffee & Tea Collective

The epitome of hipster minimalism, Coffee & Tea Collective is a roastery and tasting bar where you can get seriously schooled by their well-versed baristas. Their single-origin coffee is excellent. This was probably the best quality coffee that I had while trying all the coffee shops in San Diego. You can also order a sweet little waffle to go with your Americano! 

Coffee & Tea Collective Coffee Shop San Diego California

Holy Matcha

Although this isn’t technically a coffee shop, it is definitely an Instagrammable spot in San Diego with a coffee-shop vibe. Holy Matcha is a female-owned business that specializes in one thing—matcha. Their whimsical green and pink patterned interior offers a cheerful backdrop to their craft matcha drinks, which range from hot, cold and mixed matchas. If you’re not familiar with matcha, the helpful staff will be happy to answer your question (and snap a few photos!).

Holsem Coffee

With a massive marble countertop and gorgeous tile backsplash, Holsem Coffee is probably the most stylish of the coffee shops on this list. Its modern interior is complimented by its modern coffee menu, serving various styles of cold brew and interesting lattes. If it is a hot day in San Diego, this is the place to go as nearly all of their coffees are available on ice. 

Holsem Coffee Shop San Diego California

Por Vida

In the heart of Barrio Logan, Por Vida feels like a neighborhood joint. You can see regulars coming in to chat with the baristas and order up their favorite brew. I think this place really stands out because of the massive mural painted inside the coffee shop, which pays homage to the history and artistic style of the neighborhoods. If you aren't a coffee lover, Por Vida also has some DELISH fresh juices and mocktails. 

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Did I miss any of your favorite San Diego coffee shops? Comment below with your suggestions!

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