48 Hour Itinerary Austin, Texas: What to Eat, Drink, and See in 2 Days

Austin, Texas is a city that is absolutely packed with personality and you’ll feel it from the second you arrive. Spend 2 perfect days in Austin, Texas eating, drinking and exploring what this quirky city has to offer. With 48 hours in Austin, you can visit the major attractions and enjoy some of the incredible cuisine that Austin is so well known for! 

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How to Spend 48 Hours in Kansas City Like a Local

If you’re looking for a perfect weekend destination in the Midwest, look no further than Kansas City. Whether it is the food, art, shopping or local people, Kansas City is a memorable destination for a city break getaway. I have visited Kansas City four times, and with each visit, I discover something new to love about KC. Created in collaboration with a KC native, this is the ideal itinerary for 2 perfect days in Kansas City! 

Young Woman in Bologna Italy

A Food-Filled Long Weekend Itinerary in Emilia Romagna, Italy

The small town of Modena was the entire inspiration for our trip to Emilia Romagna after watching Massimo Bottura’s episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix. We spent a long weekend eating our way across several cities in northern Italy. This helpful 5 day itinerary sums up some of our favorite culinary experiences in Italy! This is the perfect food lover’s long-weekend itinerary in Emilia Romagna, Italy.

1 Week Itinerary in Saxony, Eastern Germany’s Coolest State

When most people think about spending one week in Germany, the state of Saxony is not usually at the top of the list. Located in eastern Germany along the Czech border, Saxony is a lesser-known destination in Germany but not due to a lack of amazing things to do. Saxony has a dense assortment of fairytale castles and palaces as well as stunning natural areas to explore. This is the ideal itinerary for spending 1 perfect week in Saxony, Germany!

How to See the Best of Leipzig, Germany in 2 Days

Leipzig is an incredibly important city in German history, yet it remains a largely under-rated travel destination within Germany. Over a 48 hours visit to Leipzig, you can experience the beautiful architecture, delicious local beer, and funky art scene of this off-the-beaten path German city break destination. This itinerary details how to spend a perfect 2 days in Leipzig, Germany.

3 Days in Dresden: A Perfect City Break Itinerary

After hearing amazing things about the beauty of Dresden, the city became my primary reason for traveling to the state of Saxony, Germany on a one week itinerary. Dresden is a fairly under-the-radar city in eastern Germany known as the “Florence of the North”. Dresden has a curious mix of old world and new world blending together almost seamlessly, and this is my ideal 3 day itinerary for seeing the best of Dresden!

Perfect Itinerary for 48 Hours in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf and Cologne may only be about 40 kilometers apart along the Rhine river but these two cities have an intense rivalry. In reality, Düsseldorf and Cologne have completely different vibes and it would be a shame to come to the state of North Rhineland Westphalia (NRW) without visiting both cities. If you are visiting for the first time, this is my suggested itinerary for a perfect 2 days in Düsseldorf, Germany! 

Alps Mountains Bavaria Germany (3)

The Ultimate 2 Week Road Trip Itinerary in the Alps

The mystery and beauty of the Alps has long captivated travelers with its snow-capped peaks, aquamarine lakes and charming hamlets. The Alps are one of the ultimate European travel experiences, and if there was ever a perfect road trip destination, I think it would be the Alps.  There are several countries that span the Alps, including Austria, France and Germany,…

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