What It is Really Like to Work on a Semester at Sea Voyage

Working for Semester at Sea voyage was an incredibly formative and interesting professional experience for me that I wouldn’t trade for anything; but it is not a ‘typical’ job. Semester at Sea is truly one of the most unique professional environments I can imagine, and the culture of this workplace might not be a great fit for every person. Find out what it is really like to working on a floating university for 4 months with this honest and open post from a former Semester at Sea staff member.

Packing for Semester at Sea

Packing List for Semester at Sea: An Actually Useful SAS Packing Guide from a 2 Time Alumni

Imagine the stress that comes with packing for a 4 month trip to 3 different continents with 3 completely different climates. That is what it feels like to pack for Semester at Sea. It’s a lot to think about! I know because I have done it two Semester at Sea voyages! I am here to share my wisdom as a two time Semester at Sea alumna to help ensure you pack just right for your voyage of a lifetime!

Semester at Sea Spring 2019 Voyage

40 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Semester at Sea

Prior to starting my Semester at Sea voyage, I was searching all over the Internet for any and every piece of information I could find about how to prepare for the voyage. Most of YouTube videos or blog posts that I found didn’t have super useful tips about how to really prepare for the experience which inspired me to write this blog post! I completed my first Semester at Sea voyage as a student in Fall 2010 and recently sailed again as a staff member on the Spring 2019 voyage. I want to share what I’ve learned about Semester at Sea to empower future voyagers to come onto the ship as prepared as possible!

MV World Odyssey Ship Semester at Sea

I’m Doing Semester at Sea—Again!

I did my first Semester at Sea voyage as a senior in college, which proved to be a life-changing experience for me. I have been dreaming of working for Semester at Sea ever since then, and finally that day has come. Find out how I will be embarking on my second Semester at Sea voyage in a just a few months!

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