The Plum Restaurant Cleveland Ohio

Most Underrated Food Cities in the USA: Where to Find the New American Culinary Destinations

No longer at all of the best restaurants in the USA clustered in famous cities like New York or San Francisco. New American culinary destinations are popping up around the country, offering some of the best cuisine in the United States. From the south to the Midwest, these are the 9 most under-rated cities for foodies in the USA!

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We are Sincerely Yours Boutique Kansas City

7 Independent Boutiques to Shop in Kansas City

I never expected to discover so many beautifully designed shops in a city like KC, but Kansas City is a creative place—you can just feel the artistic energy in the air! Every time I visit, there are new (and beautiful!) boutiques to discover and you can tell the community supports their local business. Here are 7 gorgeously designed, independently-owned boutiques to shop at on your next visit to Kansas City!

Grinter Place Kansas City

24 Hour History Tour of Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas is a state whose history I often overlooked, assuming the local history mirrored that of the other Midwestern states—dominant influence of farming, white culture and small town life. I couldn’t have been more wrong. From Lewis and Clark’s expedition to Native American disenfranchisement to the underground railroad, Kansas City Kansas has a far more complete complex history than I imagined prior to my visit. Keep reading to see the seven historic stops I recommend visiting during your next trip in Kansas City Kansas!

The Russell Restaurant Kansas City

Where to Eat in Kansas City for Foodies

Kansas City has a long culinary history that has seen a recent revitalization from local residents reclaiming their food and restaurant scene. From famed BBQ to avant-grade new American cuisine, Kansas City offers a little something for any type of eater. I have been to Kansas City three separate times, and during each visit, I discover a new favorite restaurant. These are my favorite spots for foodies in Kansas City!

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