Blue Lagoon Iceland

5 Surprising Things No One Tells You About Visiting the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon looks pretty dreamy in photos, right? It’s amazing how beautiful things can look on Instagram, but when you visit in person, the experience can be a little different. These are 5 things no one tells you about visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland that you definitely need to know before you book a visit. This actually useful travel guide to the Blue Lagoon gives you the good, the bad, and the honest truths.

Reykavik Iceland City Harbor with Fishing Boat

Sample Itinerary for 2 Weeks in Iceland

Iceland has exploded onto the travel circuit within the last decade, thanks to inexpensive direct flight options from the US and a massive investment in its tourism infrastructure. During my summer trip to the land of ice and fire, I quickly realized why everyone was writing about Iceland—it is an amazing travel destination!! This is the ideal 2 week travel itinerary for Iceland including in-depth details about what to see.

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