White and Black Cats Moving to Germany

Comprehensive Guide to Moving Abroad with Cats from USA to Europe

The process of moving cats from the USA to Germany is a long one that requires a lot of planning and organization. There are many steps and logistics involved to get pets to Europe, but if you set out an organized list from the beginning, it is totally manageable. This guide is specific to moving US pets from the United States to Germany, but many of the tips can be used for moving cats to Europe. This is everything you need to know about moving cats from the United States to Germany!

Semester at Sea Spring 2019 Voyage

We’re Moving to…. GERMANY!!!

Sam and I have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY! We may have just gotten back from our Semester at Sea adventure, but there is no rest for the weary as we get ready for our next adventure beginning in August. We are so excited to announce that we are moving to Cologne, GERMANY in August 2019!!!!!

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