Husky Dog Sled Ride Lapland Finland

6 Awesome Winter Activities to Try in Finland’s Lapland Region

Lapland is a remote region in Northern Finland that draws visitors from near and far with its stunning winter landscapes. If you are not used to winter climates, you might be inclined to spend most of your time indoors during a visit to Lapland, but that would really be a shame because these are my six suggestions for awesome winter activities to try in Finland’s Lapland region.

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Canva Helsinki Finland Skyline at Night

Complete 48 Hour Guide to Exploring the Best of Helsinki, Finland

From saunas to sightseeing, there is plenty of things to do with 48 hours in Helsinki, Finland. Although Helsinki might not be as popular as other Nordic destinations, this is a city on the rise. Stylish boutiques and 3rd wave coffee shops are opening up all the time, so now is the perfect time to spend 2 days exploring the best of Helsinki, Finland with this helpful 48 hour itinerary.

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