Guilin Twin Pagodas China

Sample Itinerary for 2 Weeks in China

China is a massive country and you could spend half a lifetime exploring this nation, but I created this 2 week itinerary to be a starting point for traveling in China, ideal for first time visitors looking to hit a few of the major highlights. There are plenty of places In China that are left off of this list (sorry Chengdu!), but hopefully this will give you a good idea of how to structure your 2 weeks in China as a first time traveler.

Temple of Heaven Beijing China

3 Days in Beijing: A Comprehensive Itinerary and Travel Guide for China’s Capital City

No first-time visit to China would be complete without a stop in Beijing, because it is full of important and iconic sightsโ€”the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, etc. Beijing is a natural place to start a longer itinerary in China and there is enough to do and see in Beijing to fill more than a week of travel time, but I would recommend starting with this 3 day itinerary in Beijing China in order to hit all the major highlights.

Chinese New Year 2019

How to Travel as a Foreigner in China During the Chinese New Year

Chinese Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday of the year in China — it is basically like Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one big celebration! Traveling to China during holidays is a great way to get to know a country’s culture through a unique perspective, and I am here to share all my reflections and advice for traveling as a foreigners in China during the Chinese Lunar New Year!

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