White and Black Cats Moving to Germany

Comprehensive Guide to Moving Abroad with Cats from USA to Europe

The process of moving cats from the USA to Germany is a long one that requires a lot of planning and organization. There are many steps and logistics involved to get pets to Europe, but if you set out an organized list from the beginning, it is totally manageable. This guide is specific to moving US pets from the United States to Germany, but many of the tips can be used for moving cats to Europe. This is everything you need to know about moving cats from the United States to Germany!

Chinese New Year 2019

How to Travel as a Foreigner in China During the Chinese New Year

Chinese Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday of the year in China — it is basically like Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one big celebration! Traveling to China during holidays is a great way to get to know a country’s culture through a unique perspective, and I am here to share all my reflections and advice for traveling as a foreigners in China during the Chinese Lunar New Year!


6 Tips for Planning A Honeymoon To An Unconventional Destination

My husband and I knew that the stereotypical honeymoon wasn’t for us, and we wanted a more unique honeymoon experience. We decided to go to in a more unconventional honeymoon destination — Portugal! The planning and research process for bringing our unorthodox honeymoon destination from idea to reality involved learning a lot of lessons, and I am sharing my advice for other couples considering a honeymoon to Portugal or other unconventional locations. Here are our 6 tips for planning a honeymoon to an unconventional destination!

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