Chicago Skyline View from South

5 Actually Cool Chicago Tourist Activities —Plus 5 Touristy Things To Skip

While some of those famous Chicago activities are cool, many of them aren’t. I want people to love Chicago as much as I do, which means that you’ve got to be honest about what is worth visiting in the Windy City. I’m sharing my local tips about the 5 Chicago tourist activities that are actually cool, and then warn you against the 5 touristy activities that aren’t worth it. 

Sunset Along Front Range Fort Collins Colorado

8 Things to Do in Fort Collins, Colorado Besides Breweries

Fort Collins is full of incredible micro-breweries and it is often described as one of the most beer-loving cities in the USA. If you’re not a beer drinker, like me, what else is there to do in Fort Collins besides breweries? There are plenty of other things to explore in this charming city besides breweries, and these are my 8 favorite things to do in Fort Collins, Colorado besides drinking beer!

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