Alinea Michelin Star Restaurant Chicago USA

Beginner’s Guide to Michelin Star Restaurants | Everything You Need to Know About Michelin Fine Dining

The world of fine dining can be really intimidating. High prices, small portion sizes, and confusing menus are enough to turn people off. But dining at a Michelin star restaurant is an experience to remember that I highly recommend. To help get over your nerves, I have crafted the ultimate beginner’s guide to Michelin Star restaurants. This is everything a first timer needs to know about Michelin Star dining!

White and Black Cats Moving to Germany

Comprehensive Guide to Moving Abroad with Cats from USA to Europe

The process of moving cats from the USA to Germany is a long one that requires a lot of planning and organization. There are many steps and logistics involved to get pets to Europe, but if you set out an organized list from the beginning, it is totally manageable. This guide is specific to moving US pets from the United States to Germany, but many of the tips can be used for moving cats to Europe. This is everything you need to know about moving cats from the United States to Germany!

Chicago Skyline View from South

5 Actually Cool Chicago Tourist Activities —Plus 5 Touristy Things To Skip

While some of those famous Chicago activities are cool, many of them aren’t. I want people to love Chicago as much as I do, which means that you’ve got to be honest about what is worth visiting in the Windy City. I’m sharing my local tips about the 5 Chicago tourist activities that are actually cool, and then warn you against the 5 touristy activities that aren’t worth it. 

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