Your Guide to Getting Started with Traverse

Are you new to Traverse? Welcome to a blog filled with actually useful travel advice to help you plan the perfect trip. I created Traverse to help millennial travelers discover food and travel adventures close to and far away from home.

With 8 years of blogging under my belt, you’ll find countless resources on Traverse. From itineraries and packing guides to restaurant recommendations and honest advice,  you’ve come to the right place! .

If it’s your first time here, then chances are that you might be planning a trip somewhere. I’m so excited for you! In that case, I’d recommend walking through my three key steps of travel planning: 

  1. Pick a destination from my favorite cities and countries
  2. Select the perfect trip length
  3. Utilize my planning resources to answer your questions
  4. Choose delicious restaurants, coffee shops and bars
  5. Start packing for your trip!

Step 1: Choosing a Destination

My Favorite Countries

Natural Scenery
Romantic Getaway

Favorite Cities for:

Coffee Shops
Street Art
Spas + Wellness
Underrated Spots

Step 2: Selecting Your Length of Stay

Step 3: Now Time for Planning

Step 4: Choose Delicious Food & Drink

Step 5: Start Packing for Your Trip

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