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Launched in 2015, Traverse is focused on empowering millennial travelers to maximize their food and travel adventures through actually useful travel planning resources. I write detailed, comprehensive travel guides so that my readers can have a one-stop shop for their trip planning needs.

This blog highlights stories of travel with a strong emphasis on city breaks, sustainable consumption, socially responsible activities, and delicious culinary adventures for career-focused travelers with limited time-off. 

All Good Stuff, None of the Fluff

I put in the effort to research a destination, creating long-form blog posts full of rich, relevant, and useful information. Save yourself the hassle and come to Traverse the next time you’re planning a travel adventure!

Writing a mixture of practical how-to’s, honest + intentional guides, and expectation-setting advice from over 15 years of international travel experience, Traverse Blog is an informative and kind brand of travel empowerment. Traverse Blog focuses on visual storytelling through captivating photos and videos to pair with high quality written content. 

Traverse is all about actually useful travel resources.

There is SO much crappy travel advice on the internet. I can’t stand the feeling of having 65 different Chrome tabs open, all with email opt-in pop-ups and Lightroom presets to sell me, especially when none of them actually help me plan or research a trip. When did travel writing become so click baity? 

That’s not my intention with Traverse. Don’t expect to find posts about the “15 photos to inspire a trip to _____”. The repetitive cycle of creating pointless content that just drives web traffic with very little useful information wastes everyone’s time.

Find Your Best Travel Vibe

Sure, travel can sometimes be about seeing the famous sights or snapping the perfect Instagram photo; but travel can be a lot more than that too. As millennials, we seek experiences. We seek cool and interesting. We seek quality. That is what I want my travel content to be about.

I write detailed and thorough blog posts that are actually useful for you. I help you discover trendy neighborhood restaurants, striking street art, and unique destinations you may never have considered. I write thoughtful itineraries to help you craft the perfect trip, whether it is a long weekend or a 2-week vacation.

Street Pho in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Traverse Blog's Values

  • Food is what makes life worth living. Never waste time eating a bad meal.

  • Planning is one of the best parts of traveling, and it is worth every second

  • Expectations are everything when it comes to travel. Set yourself up for success with realistic expectations.

  • You can’t do everything, so pick the things that really matter to you. Be intentional.

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When I travel, I seek out what is cool, unique and beautiful in every city or country that I visit. 
Maybe that makes me a hipster, but you can count on Traverse to help you find exactly the vibe you’re looking for in a destination.

Meet the Author - Megan Arzbaecher

I am so privileged to have seen so much of the world — 7 continents, 55 countries and countless cities — and learned from the people and places who call it home. Even as a young girl from Wisconsin, USA, I felt this pull to see more and more of the world. Working in and writing about travel feels like a calling to me, a calling which I am now pursuing as a master’s student in sustainable tourism management at a small university in Cologne, Germany. 

The lessons I learned (and re-learned) from my experiences abroad have shaped me in seemingly minor yet fundamental ways, forever changing my mindset and global outlook. Travel has turned me into the person I am today. I am a big picture thinker who thrives in new environments, relishing in the deep diversity that our world offers. I am flexible and easy-going, largely unphased by disruptions or last-minute changes. I am a compassionate learner and listener who is willing to adjust their mindset when presented with new perspectives. These are just a handful of the many, many lessons travel has taught me over our 20 year relationship together.

I have been travel writing for about 9 years now, snapping photos and retelling stories from my journeys in cities and countries around the world. Travel is something that I am truly and deeply knowledgeable about, and I am proud of that. This blog is a written version of all the travel-related gobbledygook in my head. You’re going to find a sprinkling of blog posts on a range of my interests — cities, street art, sustainability, food, design, saunas — which I hope you find are written and presented in a way that is beautiful, practical and honest.

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