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empower millennial travelers to maximize their adventures through actually useful travel planning resources.

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Travel is a practice in opportunity costs. You cannot do everything. We have to make choices, and I would argue those should be intentional choices. Go somewhere because you want to, not because it is cool or Instagram. Choose your path for yourself.

Travel can be so destructive. It is one of the most resource intensive, environmentally degrading choices an individual can make. But hope is not lost. We can reclaim travel and build a sustainable, community-oriented, and slow travel industry.

For me travel has always been about discovery. Discovering something new to you. Discovering something delicious. Discovering something you didn’t know. There is something special about every city, state or country, and I want to find it.

Some stuff you need to know about me

I actually have a degree

I'm obsessed with:

secondhand clothes

masters in sustainable tourism

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Nothing makes me happier than

My favorite person is

my husband Sam

riding my bicycle

I’m addicted to

I started this blog

at the age of 25

double espressos

My best friend

My favorite hobby

caring for houseplants

my cats Loki + Odin

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Time abroad has formed me into the person I am today

The lessons I learned (and re-learned) from my experiences abroad have changed me in big and small ways, forever shaping my mindset + outlook.

I am a big picture thinker who thrives in new environments. I am flexible + easy-going, largely unphased by disruptions.

I am a compassionate learner and listener who is willing to adjust their mindset when presented with new perspectives.

These are just a handful of the many, many lessons travel has taught me over our 20 year relationship together.

Castles in Liechtenstein with Mountain Scenery

relishing in the deep diversity that our world offers

Comprehensive travel guides so you can find your best trip vibes

This blog highlights stories of travel with a strong emphasis on city breaks, socially responsible activities, and delicious culinary adventures for busy Millennials with limited time-off.

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