London is one of those cities you can always keep traveling back to, and on each trip, you’ll discover or experience something new. The massive metropolis is one of the world's most captivating cities after all! I have visited London on 5 different trips, and I am still finding new corners and markets to explore. In my opinion, there is perhaps no better way to immerse yourself in London’s essence than by exploring its bustling markets. 

Markets are one of those unique spaces where tourists and locals collide in this beautiful and dynamic way. From centuries-old institutions to trendy and eclectic spaces, London has a bunch of weekly markets to explore. These markets are not merely commercial spaces, but in many cases, represent the beating heart of London's community life.You can find flower markets, vintage markets, food markets and random bric-a-brac markets. As you traverse the narrow alleys and stalls brimming with wares, you’ll feel the heritage and age-old traditions as well as the dynamism and modern cosmopolitanism that characterize London. 

Each market offers a unique experience, showcasing London's vibrant culture, history, and diverse offerings. Whether you're searching for vintage treasures, delectable food, or a lively atmosphere, there is a London market for you! So let’s delve into the captivating world of London’s best markets.

10 Best Weekly London Markets You Have to Visit

Food Markets

Borough Market

London has a bunch of food markets around town, but Borough Market by London Bridge is the most famous. Without fail, I visit Borough Market every single time I am in London. It is a foodie’s paradise! Built around and under train tracks, the space is indoor and outdoor with stalls tucked into every nook and cranny.

Open Monday through Saturday, you can wander through 100+ stalls of fresh produce, cheese, seafood, juice, and international cuisine. Basically anything you could ever want! Take a lap around before buying anything, and then follow your nose. Look for the longest queues – locals tend to know best! To really get immersed, consider taking a food tour of the market.

Old Spitalfields Market

After a long renovation process, London’s finest remaining Victorian market hall is back open. Built in 1876, Old Spitalfields Market is a covered market opposite Liverpool Street station. The market’s revitalization blossomed into a major shopping (and eating) destination that helped to rejuvenate the entire neighborhood. Old Spitalfields Market is a bustling hub of food, fashion, and art. Open seven days a week, there is an exciting blend of independent boutiques, street food stalls, and pop-up events. Discover trendy fashion finds, artisanal crafts, and indulge in mouthwatering global cuisine.

Seven Dials Food Market

More like a food hall than a food market, Seven Dials is nonetheless a worthwhile stop for foodies. Housed in a former banana warehouse, the glass-roofed space has a very new feel to it with bright colors and stylish lighting. Open every day, the market showcases a range of street food vendors offering international flavors and mouth watering treats. Head downstairs if you're in need of a bite of street food, or stay upstairs for elegant terrazzo countertop cafes. One innovative concept inside Seven Dial is the Pick n’ Cheese, a cheese conveyor belt restaurant where you can pull wedges of 30 different cheeses straight off the belt! 

Flower Markets

Columbia Flower Market

The normally sleepy Columbia Road in East London transforms into a floral paradise every Sunday from 8am – 3pm. The market offers a stunning variety of fresh flowers, potted plants, and gardening accessories. Columbia Flower Market is a haven for plant enthusiasts and flower lovers alike, although you should know that this market is very popular.

Expect large crowds regardless of the season. Arrive super-early for the best selection of flowers, or as the market’s winding down to bag a bargain. I love Columbia Road Flower Market so much that I wrote a whole separate post all about it, including complete details for visiting, what to expect and where to go nearby!

Columbia Road Flower Market Scenery London

Vintage Clothing & Antique Markets

Brick Lane Market

I love hunting for treasures at vintage markets, and Brick Lane is full of treasures waiting to be discovered. This is the kind of diverse market you can come to and find nothing, or come home with a haul. From vintage clothing and unique artwork, to antiques and flea market stands, you never know what you’re going to find! Explore the stalls, discover quirky fashion finds, and savor the flavors of the renowned street food stalls that pop up during the market. All around Brick Lane, hunt for street art murals, paste-ups and graffiti from up-and-coming street artists.

  • Neighborhood: Brick Lane / Shoreditch
  • Days of the Week: Sundays
  • Website: None

Alfie’s Antique Market

Set inside a stunning Art Deco building, Alfie’s Antique Market is THE spot for antique lovers and collectors. Explore four decadent floors of vintage clothing, furniture, jewelry, and collectibles, all separated into little stalls based on the vendor. Alfie’s Antique Market has been a popular destination for antique enthusiasts since the 1970s. It comes with a price tag reflective of its prestigious Marylebone location, so expect to pay a pretty penny for your finds. This market is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Portobello Road Market

One of London’s oldest markets is the Portobello Road Market, which has been operating since the 1800s. Located in the colorful West End neighborhood of Notting Hill (yes, of Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts fame), Portobello Road Market is famous for its eclectic mix of antiques, vintage clothing, and bric-a-brac.

Open every day except Sundays, visitors can explore the quirky stalls and browse through a wide array of unique items. It will be most crowded on Saturdays when over 1,500 stalls are set up, qualifying it as the largest antiques market in Europe. Even if you visit during the week, the main street is packed with characterful cafés, shops and drinking spots worth a visit any time.

Mixed Use Markets

Camden Market

Located in the gritty yet gentrified neighborhood of Camden Town, Camden Market is one of London's most popular markets. And you can feel it when you’re there. Nearly 200,000 people visit Camden Market weekly, including lots of tourists. Open seven days a week, this sprawling market has a touristy feel to it, with an odd assortment of fashion, art, and alternative shops.

From vintage clothing and handcrafted jewelry to street food from around the world, Camden Market has a lot to offer. But it’s a bit like a diamond in the rough. You need to know where to look, or else you’ll overpay for something mediocre and low-quality. I liked it, question? I enjoyed seeing the historic stables the market is built into, as well as the street art and canal area in the neighborhood. I wouldn’t say this is my top choice London market. Maybe not for everyone.

Covent Garden Market

For luxury fashion lovers and stylish types, Covent Garden Market is a must-visit destination for shopping. Open seven days a week, the market offers a blend of high-end brands, independent boutiques, and up-and-coming street performers. Discover unique fashion, accessories, and handmade crafts in a historic and beautiful location.

  • Neighborhood: Covent Garden
  • Days of the Week: Every day (Monday - Sunday)
  • Website: None

Broadway Market

Located in the hip neighborhood of Hackney, Broadway Market comes alive every Saturday. There is such a cool community atmosphere to this market. It doesn’t feel like any of the other London markets on this list. This lively market features an array of stalls selling fresh produce, gourmet food, vintage clothing, and handmade crafts. Join the locals as they browse the stands, enjoy live music, and indulge in delicious street food.

  • Neighborhood: Hackney
  • Days of the Week: Saturday
  • Website: None

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